What type of heating system is best?

Different types of heating systems and their pros and cons

Before getting a heating system, you have to recondisder, which one will suits your home best. These are the most common: furnaces, boilers (usually with radiant heating system) and heat pumps.  The furnace is used to heat up the air which is then  blown or  forced through ducts to various vents and registers. People usually call this system central heating. It is the least expensive solution of all and there is no risk of frozen pipes.

However, air movement transfers allergens around the house and creates dry environment. It may also feel draughty in cool months, due to air movement. Next solution is a boiler. Boiler heats up water which is then circulated through radiators or radiant floor systems. The main advantage is that boilers not only provide heating, but also hot water.  It’s also more energy efficent and quieter than hot air system. And there are less allergens travelling in the air! Sadly, the initial cost is much higher than any heat source. Also, there is a risk of frozen pipes and leakeage, that can cause damage to your home. It is also slower to react to thermostat changes.

Heat pumps – the most efficent heating system

Heat pump is the last and also least popular solution of them all, but is slowly gaining popularity. A heat pump pulls heat from other sources than furnace and boiler – from ground, air or water and transfers it into your home by air. The main advantage is that it collects heat and not produces it, which makes the the most efficent heating system of all. You also don’t need an air conditioning, as heat pumps can also cool your home. But this solution really relies on outside conditions and when installed in cold climate, you could need a backup burners. Take these things into consideration and choose the best heating system for your home.

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